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Here at DHG we are one big family. this family is made up of those who work here, but above all of those who shop with us every day, such as our resellers, with whom we always happy to collaborate with to find the most suitable solutions and the most interesting ideas. Each reseller offers us invaluable assistance and part of our success is achieved by their dedication. For this reason we have decided to give a platform to our resellers; to share with us a little bit about themselves in this dedicated area. Today, we hand you over to Viltorama.

Adrienne Barth, founder Viltorama, Oude Wetering, NL

My name is Adrienne Barth from Oude Wetering, the Netherlands and I am a feltmaker and owner of the one-man business Viltorama. My passion is working with wool, giving workshops and experimenting with wool myself. I love to introduce everyone to wool and felt. Let them feel which beautiful material you have in your hands and which different structures you can make with it. What it feels like to transform wool into felt. For me, felting and feeling are inextricably linked.

How and why did you start this business?
I started Viltorama because I wanted to introduce other people to the possibilities of wool and felting. That is why I have chosen the slogan for my website: “For everyone who wants to take a look into the world of wool and felt”. Working with wool is an experience. Feeling the materials and turning them into a piece of work. I have a felt studio at home, a webshop space, shop and webshop in one.

When you enter my studio, the first thing you see is a wall of wool. In many colors. The first thing I say is “Feel it!”. People feel gently on the wool.  The difference between wool tops and carded wools. The difference between very soft merino and coarse mountain sheep. Soft, softer, softest. Coarse, coarser, coarsest.

Because I like to gather and share knowledge about wool and felt, I have followed various master classes and have done the Dutch and Belgian Felt Academie. This knowledge helps me to advise people better and help them in their acquaintance and next steps with wool and felt.

I give workshops in wet felting, needle felting, wool painting and wool weaving. I organize children's parties, visit schools, and provide workshops at various activities for young and old. I think it's important that people buy and use the right materials for the project they are going to make. After all, that is the base for the success of your felt project. That’s why good advice is very important to me.

Why did you choose to become a DHG reseller?
I would like my customers to be able to choose from a wide range of materials and colors and a good quality. The wide color palette of DHG, the different types of wool, gives both wet felters and needle felters the opportunity to choose. But the fibers like viscose and silk in the same colors are also a nice addition to the range. And I also like to work with DHG materials myself, so I can advise my customers what you can use best for what.

How do you build a reliable relationship with your customers?
I have a regular and loyal customer base. I am easily accessible and like to think along with my customers. Searching for the right color together. Advise on material. And of course through the workshops. Both in the studio, on location and online options. Especially at the needle felters in the Netherlands I have a lot of contact with my customers through the Facebook group Naaldvilten Nederland. Together with a number of other needle felters in the Netherlands we try to promote needle felting.

Do you like the craft world, why?
Felting with water is an ancient craft. Needle felting is a relatively new technique. It is nice to see the techniques develop and to combine them with each other and other techniques. Felting is a craft nowadays and is often used for creative felting. I consider myself more of a craftswoman than an artist.

What sets you apart from other resellers?
Viltorama is a small company whose owner has a lot of knowledge of different felting techniques. My own felting experiences allow me to transfer knowledge to my customers. I am not a box pusher, but I would like to ensure that people can get started with the right materials and thus achieve the best result.


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